Holding Her Hips for Maximum Shit

This scat domina and her toilet slave are both dressed in black and she has her high heel boots on looking extra sexy for today’s poo eating session. This masked slave has a passion for eating poo and he wants to eat every chunk. He holds her internal hips while she thrusts out a long, hard turd. The kaviar goes directly into his mouth and he takes the whole turd to eat.

Holding Her Thighs for Maximum Shit

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Dominatrix Melissa Shits in the Toilet

Dominatrix Melissa is a hot scat goddess who loves to prepare poo meals for her slaves. This time she is going to prepare her scat slave’s meal right in the toilet. She leaves him without anything to eat for long periods of time. That way they become so thirsty that they will fish the turds right out of the toilet and eat them. She loves it when their crap eating is nice and messy.

Mistress Melissa Shits in the Toilet

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Hot and Messy Asian Scat Play

This Asian scat nurse knows kaviar! She has a colon total of smelly and messy poo in store for this slave. She shits in a cup and sits on his chest so she can feed her turds to him. She spreads them all over his chest. She wants more abjection so she sits on his face and starts defecating in his mouth. The turds go straight from her butthole to his mouth.

Hot and Messy Asian Scat Play

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Domme Diana and her shit fetish

Domina Diana lives to humiliate. She loves the art of abjection and takes pride in what she does. She loves to better herself and yearns to become the best female domination goddess. She loves to get slaves who she practices her moves on. She does not care whether the slave has messed up or not. She just does whatever she wants and for this slave, she desired to poop in his mouth and she did.

Mistress Diana and her shit fetish

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Domina Emily makes slave eat poo for dinner

Dominatrix Emily’s slave wished food to eat. She was not willing to prepare anything so she determined to let him have what she had had. She made him go after her and she went into an empty room in the house and she unwrapped and poop on a board she had placed on the floor. She then made him eat the poo and told him that was his food for the day.

Mistress Emily makes slave eat shit for dinner

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Plumber given incentive to work swifter

My plumber was working very leisurely on my house and as a result, I did not have anywhere to poop. He did not seem to hear me when I told him I needed him to finish quickly. When he overlooked me, I gave him an added incentive to make sure he finishes the work as soon as possible. I used him as my human toilet and poop into his mouth and had him gulp it.

Plumber given incentive to work faster

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Domme teachers her beau to like scat fetish

Domme Gaia’s beau loves anal invasion hook-up. She wished to train him scat fetish and she sent him a movie she had made about the same. She made a video herself masturbating and shitting at the same time. She wanted him to get used to it so that in future, they would be doing it together. She knew because he loved anal sex, he would not be averse to liking scat fetish.

Mistress teachers her boyfriend to like scat fetish

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Man walks into a trap of scat queens

This fellow did not know the trouble he had put himself in. He had heard these mistresses were having a party and it was a chick’s’ only party. So he attempted to gate crush and that was his thickest mistake. These were scat queens and instead of having joy with him, they had joy at his expense. They compelled him to eat their shit and lick their shit filled assholes clean.

Guy walks into a trap of scat queens

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