Dominatrix Sabina uses slave as human toilet

Domme Sabina does not tolerate mediocrity. She likes people who are good and effective. This slave was embarking to slack off because she had not disciplined him in a while. She astonished him one day when she came home early from work and found him lazying in the house. She did not talk. She just turned him into her human toilet and poop into his mouth and had him eat and gulp it. That did the trick.

Mistress Sabina uses slave as human toilet

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Munch My Shit – Toilet Slavery

Mega-toilet Abjection! Slave Joschi must serve as a climb on next to his dominatrix bizarre Lady Jessica for the toilet broom. He must when she always goes on the toilet lie besides that and with his taste nice hold back to the dirty loo brooms and after she has cleaned the toilet with that resume this into his mouth, too. Joschi is so also this time, rigid displayed with the toilet broom in the mouth besides that and Lady Jessica himself shits. But, this time, still it has considered another naughtiness for its toilet slave. It gets its booty over on itself with the toilet paper and stuffs it it then with the defecating remains on this into the mouth. On order of the masochistic Dirty-Mistress Joschi then must eat off and eat the buggered loo paper. It ultimately still fondles the further defecating remains directly with the paper on its figure.

Lick My Shit - Toilet Slavery

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Toilet Slavery Tasks Eat Only Kaviar All Day!

It’s time for you to prove to me that you are ready to be a toilet slave!
Today you will eat nothing but poop! You will go an entire day eating ONLY poo! You will not eat or drink anything else. You will obey me. Witness as I thrust out your very first meal of the day! Look at that poo working it’s way out of my butt. This is what you will be eating for the next 24 hours!
If you can sustain a entire day eating only poo then maybe you will be ready to be a toilet slave.

Toilet Slavery Tasks Eat Only Shit All Day!

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Dominatrix Roberta punishes boyfriend for flirting

Domina Roberta found her bf flirting with another damsel and she was pissed off. She did not want to share her man and she had to make him know she would not let him do that again. She desired to showcase him the consequences of such act. So she made him lie down on the floor and she pissed and poo into his open mouth. She then dared him to do it again.

Mistress Roberta punishes boyfriend for flirting

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