German domina shits on slave’s face

Queen Milena just got back from her Zumba workout – and she despairingly needs to take a poo. She orders her slave to lie down and squats over his face. She starts to shove out a massive blast of soft poop instantaneously and quickly covers his whole ugly face with her divine shit. She verbally humiliates this poor fucker to make it even worse for him. Will she make him eat her scat as well?!

German mistress shits on slave's face

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Holding Her Hips for Maximum Shit

This scat domina and her toilet slave are both dressed in black and she has her high heel boots on looking extra sexy for today’s poo eating session. This masked slave has a passion for eating poo and he wants to eat every chunk. He holds her internal hips while she thrusts out a long, hard turd. The kaviar goes directly into his mouth and he takes the whole turd to eat.

Holding Her Thighs for Maximum Shit

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Eating Lady Jenny’s Runny Feces

Scat mistress Lady Jenny is in black stockings and high heel boots, but makes sure not to have any undies on for her toilet slave’s poop eating session. She can tell that her feces won’t be very solid and she likes that because she can pack more in his mouth. The toilet slave proceeds feces eating and attempts not to let any spill out because he likes to take every bit of it.

Eating Lady Jenny's Runny Shit

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Munch My Shit – Toilet Slavery

Mega-toilet Abjection! Slave Joschi must serve as a climb on next to his dominatrix bizarre Lady Jessica for the toilet broom. He must when she always goes on the toilet lie besides that and with his taste nice hold back to the dirty loo brooms and after she has cleaned the toilet with that resume this into his mouth, too. Joschi is so also this time, rigid displayed with the toilet broom in the mouth besides that and Lady Jessica himself shits. But, this time, still it has considered another naughtiness for its toilet slave. It gets its booty over on itself with the toilet paper and stuffs it it then with the defecating remains on this into the mouth. On order of the masochistic Dirty-Mistress Joschi then must eat off and eat the buggered loo paper. It ultimately still fondles the further defecating remains directly with the paper on its figure.

Lick My Shit - Toilet Slavery

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Abased by boot wearing scat mistresses

These two youthful Asian mistresses are very hot – but they are also very superior and sadomasochistic! Their black boots look so hot at them and their longs gams are also very sexy. But the vulnerable toilet slave has to deal with entirely other things… you want to know about these things…? Of course the fresh poo, coming right out of their divine Asian asses and into his stupid shit eating mouth…!

Humiliated by boot wearing scat mistresses

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Duo spice up relationship with shit

To make sure that their relationship never went stale, this spouse and wifey determined to attempt out different fetishes together. The domina determined to have them attempt shit fetish first. She undressed and shit on a paper and gave him to eat. It was hard at first but she got used to it and she enjoyed making him eat her poop as well as drinking his pee. It was lots of fun.

Couple spice up relationship with shit

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