A Meaty Pile From My Throne

I indeed love the portable toilet seat my slave bought me! In this clip I make truly good use of it. I take a Big feces into a clear cup and you get to see it up close and individual as well as hear the farts and see all the hot yellow piss that fills the cup. You will get to see and hear everything in this clip from numerous angles, so I hope you like it nasty!

A Huge Pile From My Throne

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Queen Ryan is spreading wide

When this dominatrix determines it is time to play, she is going to take things to a fresh level. One of her dearest things to do is pull apart her butt cheeks, because she wants her slave to see exactly how nice her booty truly is. She also wants her slave to clean up any poop that might be left over from the huge dump she recently took earlier.

Goddess Ryan is spreading wide

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Domina wins shit size competition

This domme had a bet with her friends to see who would unload the thickest chunk of poo. She was careful on the kind of foods she ate and then when the day came, she knew she would lightly win. She whipped out a big stream of crap that surprised even her. She shared the video of her doing it like they had agree and she had won it hands down.

Mistress wins shit size competition

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Dominatrix Sabina uses slave as human toilet

Domme Sabina does not tolerate mediocrity. She likes people who are good and effective. This slave was embarking to slack off because she had not disciplined him in a while. She astonished him one day when she came home early from work and found him lazying in the house. She did not talk. She just turned him into her human toilet and poop into his mouth and had him eat and gulp it. That did the trick.

Mistress Sabina uses slave as human toilet

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Defecating on her nice couch

A dominatrix is going to take the largest crap on her couch, but there is a catch. She is also going to crap on her slave at the same time. She will laugh as he is attempting to get her ass hole plugged up, but she doesn’t care. Her anus will shove out tons of shit right on this stupid loser fucking face. She hates him.

Shitting on her nice couch

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Lady Lisa gets her ass hole cleaned

Lady Lisa’s day is beginning out innocently enough as she squats over her slave’s face and orders him to munch her taut ass hole clean so she can embark her morning. Unluckily for him, while she is being slurped, she suddenly feels the urge to =take a massive shit ans she can’t stop herself. Rather than get his clean tongue dirty, she unleashes her shit all over his chest and rubs it in.

Lady Lisa gets her asshole cleaned

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