Domina Anna shits on loser

Domme Anna loves to have all kinds of joy. Today she wished to attempt scat fetish and she found a loser to humiliate. She made him lie down as she danced for him and turned him on. Little did he know that she was preparing him for abjection. She put her arse on his face and he thought she wished a pussy lick. But before he could do anything, she shit on his face.

Mistress Anna shits on loser

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The Human Toilet Licks Up My Repugnant Feces! Full Movie

I had to go to the loo real bad; my feces is about to come out and I have to upload it real prompt. When I got there, I was just in time; the human toilet was already waiting, his anxious mouth open for my repugnant flow. I sat above the crevice and shoved out clumps of gooey smelly shit, which promptly fell down his mouth. I watch in glee as he chews enthusiatically on my feces. What a disgusting sight!

The Human Toilet Eats Up My Disgusting Shit! Full Movie

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Domina punishes her rude student

This domina does not like rude students in her class. She likes obedient students and those who are polite. She attempted to talk to this student but he did not seem to switch his bad manners. She waited till everyone had gone home then asked him to wait. She penalized him by facesitting on him and making him eat her crap. That trained him a lesson and he switched his manners and became more respectful.

Mistress punishes her rude student

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Dominatrix Sabina uses slave as human toilet

Domme Sabina does not tolerate mediocrity. She likes people who are good and effective. This slave was embarking to slack off because she had not disciplined him in a while. She astonished him one day when she came home early from work and found him lazying in the house. She did not talk. She just turned him into her human toilet and poop into his mouth and had him eat and gulp it. That did the trick.

Mistress Sabina uses slave as human toilet

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Lady Lisa gets her ass hole cleaned

Lady Lisa’s day is beginning out innocently enough as she squats over her slave’s face and orders him to munch her taut ass hole clean so she can embark her morning. Unluckily for him, while she is being slurped, she suddenly feels the urge to =take a massive shit ans she can’t stop herself. Rather than get his clean tongue dirty, she unleashes her shit all over his chest and rubs it in.

Lady Lisa gets her asshole cleaned

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Abased by boot wearing scat mistresses

These two youthful Asian mistresses are very hot – but they are also very superior and sadomasochistic! Their black boots look so hot at them and their longs gams are also very sexy. But the vulnerable toilet slave has to deal with entirely other things… you want to know about these things…? Of course the fresh poo, coming right out of their divine Asian asses and into his stupid shit eating mouth…!

Humiliated by boot wearing scat mistresses

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