Four woman’s take a stinky shit

There was four chicks who all collective a slave and like to hit him and tell him what a lump of kaviar that he is. They were all feeling bizarre so they ate a bunch of hard boil eggs and tuna. They did this for about three days while they held their crap in and let their belly’s mix and churn so they could all take a nasty creamy stinky poop on there slave. They lined up and all took there turn defecating on there slave as the crap went in his mouth and all over his face until they were done.

Four girls take a stinky shit

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Dominatrix Messalina uses slave as toilet

Domme Messalina is a sexy Arab princess that takes her slave and makes him adore her feet as he smooches and licks them over and over again. She then takes her feet and gives her slave a brutal trampling and kicks him over and over again. Once she is done then makes him open his mouth and uses him as a human toilet as she fills his mouth with her fresh hot piss.

Mistress Messalina uses slave as toilet

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Dominatrix Carolina covers slave in shit

Domina Carolina is a sexy blonde domme with massive tits that has a bad case of Diarrhea and she needs to take a poop. She makes her slave lay down on the floor and squats down over his face and puckers her anus as she gets ready to take a massive kaviar. She then spills him with her fresh runny feces and covers his face and body with her liquid shit.

Mistress Carolina covers slave in shit

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Domina gives her slave a snack

This sexy dominatrix takes her slave and makes him lay on the floor and witness her as she gobbles some snacks and loves a glass of crimson wine. She then hears him begging for something to eat because he is also thirsty so she gives him an extra special treat to chew on, her dirty tampon! He still wants more after eating that so she squats over his open mouth and shits into his mouth to pack him up.

Mistress gives her slave a snack

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Aggressive and unusual shitting games

Slave gets roped by cellophane wrap. He can’t budge a muscle and is totally under the spell of his evil Domme. He has no idea what the evil mistress has planned for him. He knows it will be a abasing practice but he has no choice but to bear it. As he lies on the floor strapped by the cellophane wrap she puts a toilet stool above his head. Takes a seat and starts defecating on his head. Unbelievable, how can she be so cruel? He wants him to eat it too

Cruel and unusual shitting games

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