Dominatrix teaches her slave a lesson

This dominatrix wished to demonstrate her slave why she is not to be messed with. She called her friend to come and help her discipline her slave. The two mistresses turned the slave into a human toilet. They pooped on him and had him eat the poo. It was degrading and abasing, but that was the entire point. He had to know that there are consequences to messing with his domme.

Mistress teaches her slave a lesson

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Redhead takes a nice kaviar

This redhead indeed knows how to make taking a feces look hot as she squats her beautiful butt over the toilet and lets out a nice brown log. She lets the crap squeeze out from her pink pucker as she just couldn’t hold back any longer. She then wipes her booty crack nice and clean and lets you have a nice look at her booty before jumping in the shower.

Redhead takes a nice shit

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Domina Gaia loves her shit

This woman can be very requiring when it is time for her slave to open his mouth. She has always been utterly brutal to him because he is such a loser and he always is worth hard-core penalty. She is going to make him eat her kaviar and she also is going to laugh right in his face, because she wants him to realize that he means absolutely nothing to her.

Mistress Gaia loves her shit

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